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Post  Numptyz on Sat Feb 13, 2010 1:42 am

Q: Which composer wrote The Water Music?

Q: What colour does acid turn Litmus paper?

Q: What's the largest Scandinavian country?

Q: What was Mickey Mouse's original name?

Q: Which metal do you get from bauxite?

Q: Which creature produces the biggest baby?

Q: In Pop music, which two herbs go with 'Parsley & Sage'?

Q: What was the name of the Benedictine monk who legend has it invented Champagne?

Q: Who was Leonardo di Caprio's co-star in Titanic?

Q: Acid rain is composed mainly of the oxides of two elements. Give either.

Q: What sort of creature is a bustard?

Q: What is calcium carbonate normally known as?

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