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Post  Numptyz on Fri Apr 23, 2010 4:49 am

In the next day or so the planting bot will appear in your garden when you reach level 8... 5 free goes then you have to pay to recharge it..50 charges for 10 coins...120 charges for 20 coins...Its a bit steep especially when you have several gardens and maybe have several gardens on different servers as I do...
You will also find a request to confirm your email address....this is not a scam and does indeed come from MHE so is safe to do...
It also seems that the powers that be have noticed how many people refuse to take any part in the WOW task...They have now reduced the total amount of palms needed from 777,777 to 500,000... I will do the sums and let you know what difference it makes...There are also plans for other WOW tasks...
The last thing is guild activity....anyone inactive for 90 days will now be removed by MHE polish your spades and get busy !!!
Phew!!!! Thats a lot to take in on a Thursday morning !!!
Have a good day

Have a good day


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