newsletter June 27th 2010

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newsletter June 27th 2010 Empty newsletter June 27th 2010

Post  Numptyz on Sun Jun 27, 2010 6:18 am

Hi all.. .. Safely back from safari... only bitten by the mosquitoes !!!

Right... We have all been rather sleepy so lets have some action in this guild....

There is an important message on the guild table... please read and respond !

New garden design competition - usual rules - dont grow the plants in your garden...use the garden designer tool only so everybody has a fair chance...
All details on our private forum

Subjects : 1. Summer
2. Holidays

That must surely tickle your imagination !!! Lets have lots of entries this time please....

Closing date end of July so you all have plenty of time to create a masterpiece
Hope there is lots of good weather for you to enjoy this summer

Contact me if you have any problems


Have a good day


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