Holiday magic ~ new places ~ new faces !!!

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Holiday magic ~ new places ~ new faces !!!

Post  Numptyz on Mon Aug 02, 2010 6:49 am

That annual holiday away from the daily grind restores all our spirits, whether we travel far or stay close to home...

In Scotland there is a saying " Ye may travel faur and fare waur " , meaning you might travel far but fare worse !

So... did you travel far away ? Or did you decide to stay at home and investigate your local area??? Maybe you decided to spend family time together... Or perhaps you just wanted to relax ....!!!!

Tell us how YOU spent your holiday...

If you have lots of pictures to share maybe you could create a slide show and post a link to it... If you have one special photo then post it here.... If you didnt take any photos then just tell us how you spent your precious holiday time...

Have a good day


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Post  beowulf166 on Thu Aug 05, 2010 1:37 am

We`re not going away this summer but maybe we might go to Scotland in the childrens end of term 1. I`ve always wanted to go and we both enjoy driving so we`ll take it in turns and stay in bed and breakfast on the way.
This summer the girls have been playing out with friends and it`s just been more of the same for me.
Looking forward to hearing all your holiday tales though.
love Beowulf.x

so little many ways to waste it!
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Re: Holiday magic ~ new places ~ new faces !!!

Post  madamefifi on Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:34 am

Ah well girls, we are not doing so good so on the 'magical tales' So far are we? Cause old fifi girl has found it hard enough to find her way to the forum - let alone go on holiday!

Other half has been away all of the summer so far, and mystical promises of swimming pool to be installed (which was to be instead of a holiday this year) Has been slow to materialise! However, finally it is in, and just in time for summer to leave us However, my two lovely Godaughters are about to come and visit me, they will stay for 3 weeks, and we will probably go away for a few days then. We have a friend who has a lovely teeny weeny cottage by the sea at a place called Surtainville, it is on the Cap d'Hague. There is a huge practically deserted beach, and plenty of interesting things to do and see, as it was near the D-Day landing beaches.

However, I have it in mind, that I fancy a further reaching holiday later in the year.........So watch this space................

Love Fifi.
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Germany khoa tu hoc phap phat

Post  D-Day on Tue Aug 10, 2010 9:51 am

in this summer vacation i went to Germany, Neuss. There was a Khoa tu hoc phat phap Hoc, like a budist learning congress. Except whe sleep there for a week. There i need to go to the little childeren, but i didnt like those lil" kids, that why i went to 12+. Yes im under 12, 11. i was realy funny, except for the "fun" the monk gave us. I still can believe He lied about it, because monk doest lie. THats why we trusted him. we cleaned a room +_+". but i made many, many friends there. there are from different lands like France, Switzerland, Denmark, norway and many more. The food was just eat able but i can stand a week. thats was my story. Very Happy : only problem its vietnamese, so try google translate on it it works for me ^0^

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Re: Holiday magic ~ new places ~ new faces !!!

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